kalaat m’gouna Beauty and roses

kalaat m’gouna Beauty and roses

kalaa m’gouna or also known as Castle composed know, is a small-sized mountain town, it was the first stone put her in the first third of the twentieth century almost. This castle is located in the south-east of the Kingdom of Morocco; Tinghir where it belongs to the region, it is also located near the Valley m’gouna, this is just the castle from the town of Ouarzazate, about ninety miles almost to the eastern side of them. Mention it named after a nearby mountain called Mount of which component which has a height of about almost four kilometers, and is famous for the cultivation of this castle beautiful roses

This city was famous at the global level and the many that are spread on the bank of the river known as River Dades also famous for its roses its products with high quality; it is held in certain season’s special festival of roses famous on a global scale. M’gouna the word is from the Amazigh words, which means that the fetus is still lying in the womb of his mother


Morocco Kalaat M’Gouna

The majority of inhabitants of the castle M’gouna Amazigh, except for a few honorable Idrisid, in addition to the Alawites, and practiced the population of certain of which agriculture, trade activities, and are employed roses that are produced in this region for the production of plastic materials, as well as rose water, and produces population this area other agricultural crops including: walnuts, almonds, figs, and other products up to self-sufficiency, including: apples, olives, grapes, apricots. The population of this region has been known for his high morals and good hospitality, and honor all those who come to it, whether they are expatriates or strangers.

 Roses Valley

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