Casablanca Typical Traditions

Casablanca Typical Traditions

Casablanca is a city located in the state of Morocco, which is its largest city and economic capital; it is also the largest city in the Maghreb (Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, and Algeria), the largest city in the African country in terms of population, and the third, come standings after the cities of Lagos and Cairo. He was known as the city of Casablanca nose of history, and gained Casablanca designation of the Portuguese, who named it “Casa Blanca” after he saw the White House in the city. After the coming of the Spaniards, and Her Highness to “Casablanca.” Moroccans called “Kazaa” name for a short period and lovingly. And it was named Kazaa in Casablanca, in the reign of Sultan upper Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdallah.

Casablanca has a special status in the State of Morocco. It contains the largest airport in the country, where the most important port, which is the main center of the Moroccan economy. Throughout history, the old, or modern, Casablanca played an important role because of its strategic location overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, near the continent of Europe, has had a significant role in the wars and conflicts in the region, most notably the World War II. The city also enjoyed great fame because of the famous “Casablanca” old American movie, which was filmed in the city, and one of the most popular films produced in the twentieth century.

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Casablanca is located in the State of Morocco, specifically in the Greater Casablanca region, which includes the city of Casablanca and Mohammedia, and seven other regions, are: Nouacer, and Sttat, and Sidi benour, and Madiona, and El jadida, and Benslimane, and Berrechid Casablanca overlooking the Atlantic coast , and away from the Moroccan capital Rabat 95 kilometers. Casablanca enjoys a strategic location; due to the fact the center of the existing industrial production between Kenitra north yellow shelf south line stretching between the city longitude coordinates ’32 ° 333 north latitude ’35 ° 7 west.

Tourism in Casablanca

Casablanca it is  the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world city, and includes many of the attractive tourist destinations, cultural and art events, is held on home soil two festivals annual, two Casablanca Festival and Festival Boulevard for young musicians. Among the most prominent monuments and other tourist destinations are:

The old city Medina : the Old neighborhood was built on the lines of the old Moroccan cities, surrounded by many of the fences that have not left a lot of them today, and includes several doors can be accessed them, the most famous Bab Marrakech. Today the city poses a popular mall, and contain many of the shops, houses, historic monuments, and mosques.

casablanca bab marrakech

White Mosque: It is the largest mosque in Morocco, is located in the Kasbah Muhammadiya. This mosque is characterized by beautiful, white, turquoise, and its proximity to the sea. It is one of the most prominent landmarks in Morocco today’s tourist attractions.

Abdul Rahman Slaoui Museum: is a museum displaying ancient and modern history of Morocco, and has a large collection of Moroccan arts and history of rare. The museum was founded in the forties of the last century, and was attributed to Abdul Rahman Slaoui, a traveler and explorer Moroccan known.

Jewish Museum: is the first museum in the Arab world, which highlights especially in Casablanca Jewish history. The museum was founded in 1997 by Moroccan Jewish Heritage Foundation the aim of introducing the culture of the Jewish community.

Jewish Museum

Port of Casablanca: is the largest port in Morocco, and is located on the Atlantic coast. It constitutes a port is an important trading center, and receives ships and vessels from many countries of the world. It was created in 1906, and contains five gates to enter him, as well as railways to transport goods carried by ships.

Hassan II Mosque: the mosque is located directly on the coast, near the lighthouse neck. The mosque is the largest spiritual and religious landmark in Morocco. It characterized by the beauty of its decoration and construction. Built in 1993 by order of King Hassan II, it was officially inaugurated on the birth anniversary of Prophet Mohammad.

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