Frequently Asked Questions

Is the tour private one?

For sure yes, all our tours are private, so you can enjoy flexibility and stop anywhere you want, enjoy the journey at your own time and at your own pace without haste or pressure to be coupled to a schedule or other groups.

What if I don’t want to do all of a tour?

We are flexible and all the tours can be modified to suit your specific needs and interests, changing the itinerary or type of accommodations to make your stay the best enjoyable experience.

If you have a different route in mind, please do not hesitate to let us know before last 2 weeks, changes should be made  prior to your tour with us.

Do we need to bring toiletries with us?

Most hotels and riads offer toiletries such as small bars of soap and shampoo packets, they may have hair dryers available. However, you may be most comfortable by bringing your preferred brands and favorite products with you.

We are vegetarian – will we be able to find vegetarian options in many restaurants?

While there are few Moroccan vegetarians, there are definitely vegetarian options available.

Your driver/guide will definitely help you in this area, breakfasts are typically continental-type with rolls, jam/butter/honey, yogurts, cheese, etc. Salads are mostly made of vegetables but sometimes have tuna or egg. Lunches/dinners: ask for vegetarian Tajines (stews) or couscous. There might be veggie soups, but Harira typically has some meat in it. One local favorite is an avocado smoothie and can be enhanced with dried fruit and nuts. If you’re in the south, they serve “Berber pizza” or Medfouna, stuffed with onion and almond. Msemen is also a local favorite and is best described as folded fried dough, which can be eaten salty or sweet, and is sometimes stuffed with caramelized onions.

What should I wear for a Morocco trip?

There are no strict rules with dressing, Morocco is deemed an open country.

Morocco is a liberal country, due to its proximity with Europe. Therefore, dressing for foreigners has not to be a big issue. However, it is important to note that the majority of Moroccan people are conservative, and do not approve seeing foreign guests wearing inappropriate clothes which may break the public norms, it doesn’t mean you should wear as the locals, but particularly, women have to respect the general clothing norms, which is covering the knees and breast and avoiding tight or transparent outfits.

Is it a good idea to bring children to Morocco?

Absolutely yes, if you have children and willing to visit Morocco, you needn’t leave them in a babysitting, you’d better bring them to discover something extraordinary.

This decision can be challenging you to bear extra burdens when it comes to providing care to your children, but little kids like to amuse and enjoy travelling like adults. Besides, they’re Morocco experience will remain a lifetime journey for them to broaden their mind till they grow up mature.

Tipping in Morocco

Tipping in Morocco is very important for people who give you a certain service, and the average of tipping in Morocco is 10%.

  • driver: between 25 to 55 Euros/ per day.
  • Guide: between 30 Euros / per day.
  • Camel Guide: 25 Euros/per day.
  • Waiters, porter, room service: 2 to 5 Euros.

Preparing for your camel trek and the desert camp

Here in the desert temperatures vary significantly by day and night throughout the year so we always recommend several layers of clothing so you can adjust accordingly.

Coats, fleeces and scarves would be needed during a winter stay, but short-sleeves and shorts are good for the summer allowing for an extra layer as the night time temperature falls, Flip-flops and other loose shoes are pretty ineffective in the sand, so trainers or classic “desert boots” would be far more appropriate.

What I need for: Camel trekking

1: Please if you have contact lenses try to remove them before you ride your camel and safe it on your car or riad because the air in the desert can be dusty.

2: please make sure you have enough water with you one bottle each is fine, before ride your camel.

3: It’s important to have Suncream and sun Glasses, you will need it in the desert because of the sand storms which happens sometimes or even a light wind makes the sand hurt your eyes. Suncream will protect your skin from sun burns, in addition to this we will provide you with a turban to cover you face and hair from the sand as well.

 4: After about 2 hours camel riding through the sand dunes, while going slow you will have opportunity to stop for a break, for photos… with a request to your camel guide then arrive to the luxury camp.


So for the camel trekking conditions, Please we don’t recommend it for the following travelers:

  •  If you are over 75 Years old.
  •  If you have a surgery, or some serious sickness.
  •  If you are a pregnant woman.

At the campsite

1: You will need a flash light, because the camp does not have lights, but they use candles to make the experience more authentic and once in a lifetime.

2: If you wish you can bring with you sleeping bag, but in the camp there are beds and blankets to keep you warm as our team will take good care of you, providing you with an exceptional service.

3: If you are couple you will have a Private Room tent to sleep in, if you’re a family the kids will share one and the parents will have a private one, or if you wish you can also sleep under the stars.

What is included in the cost?

  • The fee includes the following for the whole tour.
  • Touring in a modern, air-conditioned vehicle.
  • An English-speaking driver/guide.
  • Accommodation (ex. day tours).

What if I don’t want to do all of a tour?

We are flexible and all the tours can be modified to suit your specific needs and interests, if you have a different route in mind please let us know and we will offer a tour tailored to your specific requirements.

Terms of Cancellations 

If you wish to cancel your tour, we must receive a confirmation of this writing proved with an e-mail, so we accept Cancellations according to the followings conditions:

An automatic Loss in all circumstances of :

  • 5 Months or more before starting your tour : 100 % refundable.
  • 3 months : 50% refunds.
  • 2 months or less : not refundable.


There are several ways to make payment
  •  Online with credit cards
  •  Bank transfer
  • In cash

How do I book a tour?

Please contact us by e-mail or telephone as detailed on the CONTACT Us page Or here . We will then be able to discuss and agree an itinerary that suits you, when you wish to confirm the booking a 30% deposit will be required at least two weeks before the start of your tour.